Why would you do that?

When Claire and I arrived in Guernsey for the first time, on around 5 January 2005, we had known each other for about 6 months and been travelling for almost half of that time. We had our lives before us. We didn’t know what those lives would be like, but we knew they would be together.

Eleven years and a few months later, Olive, Ned and I have a life before us and we don’t know what it will be like. We also have a life behind us. That life included Claire. For the last two and a bit years we’ve tried to live our old life without Claire in it. The old life, without Claire, lacks richness and comfort and purpose; it is functional but empty.

So, on 4 March 2016, Olive, Ned and I left Guernsey seeking adventure. I am hoping we can experience life in a way that helps us understand where and how we fit without Claire. I also need to understand who I am and what I want without Claire. At our time of departure, we had only two certain destinations in mind, Saint Malo, where our ferry would land, and Rio for the Olympics in August with the incomparable Peedoms. I also had some vague ideas and plans, but nothing which wasn’t replaceable on a whim.

So, join us for our adventure.




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